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About Midwest Health Solutions

Midwest Health Solutions (MHS) is a subsidiary of Merchant Business Systems, Inc. Based in Cheyenne, Wyoming, it offers high quality products that cater to health and personal care, and also pain management. MHS carries the following best seller brands: HydrofeetⓇ, Dr. Madre, Ultimate, and Syrtenty. Over the years, MHS has delivered its promise to extend a helping hand to people who want to uplift their physical well-being. The company is composed of a research team that continuously looks for innovative products to respond to the changing health and personal needs of the consumers. It will never stop finding ways to offer a wider array of products, and enhance the quality and usability of its current brand offerings. HydrofeetⓇ provides insoles that help address various kinds of foot problems and let people experience what it is like to be walking on water. It has three variants: HydrofeetⓇ insoles for men and women, HydrofeetⓇ high heel insoles, and HydrofeetⓇ shoe insoles for kids. Dr. Madre highly believes that family is most important of all. It offers products that put the family first: forehead thermometer, bedwetting alarm for kids, basal thermometer and blood pressure monitor. Syrtenty leads in manufacturing products which encourages the consumers to live life pain free. These are pigtail and snap electrode pads, bed and chair exit alarm, neck traction collar, and plantar fasciitis support. Ultimate is a brand which advocates that if there is no pain, then there can be more gain! It offers the best quality TENS electrodes that will not compromise the consumer’s budget. With these consumer-approved products paired with excellent customer service which exceeds common standards, MHS hopes to be of great service to its customers. Living the life to its fullest can now be achieved with the help of Midwest Health Solutions. For the complete product listing, you may click on the Shop icon or click on this link: http://midwesthealthsolutions.com/shop/.